Plexus Institute has a long tradition of publishing and supporting work within the Network. Our published books and curated list of recommended books demonstrate the diversity of theory, practice and innovative application of complexity science in the understanding and development of networks, systems and organizations. and system demonstrate the diversity of our work.

Unexpected Gifts: Solve Tough Problems with Adaptive Positive Deviance, Sharon Benjamin, Denise Easton, Laura Gardner, Irene McHenry, Prucia Buscell, (2017)

Inviting everyone: Healing healthcare through positive deviance, Singhal, A., Buscell, P., & Lindberg, C. (2010), Bordentown, N. J: PlexusPress

Inspiring Change and Saving Lives: The Positive Deviance Way, Singhal, A., Buscell, P., & Lindberg, C. (2014), Bordentown, N.J.: PlexusPress.

On the Edge: Nursing in the age of complexity , Lindberg, C., Nash, S., & Lindberg, C. (2008), Bordentown, N.J: PlexusPress