Plexus Institute is About the Practice of Complexity Thinking

The work at Plexus Institute encompasses new and established practices organized around sharing knowledge and offering expertise in complexity thinking to navigate challenges and opportunities in complex systems.


“Fostering the health of organizations, communities, individuals and our natural environment by helping people recognize, understand and use concepts emerging from the science of complexity.”

Our definition of “health” is broad, holistic, relative and targets the potential in everyone and in every system.

  • A healthy organization generates more than material success; it creates an ecosystem where opportunities to share and gain knowledge, to experiment and to contribute freely are accepted and applied universally.
  • A healthy community is one in which its members are nurtured and valued, where information flows freely, where there is active interaction among diverse groups, and where institutions support the growth and development of all.
  • A healthy person is one who is poised for learning, growth and adaptability.

At Plexus Institute the pillars of community, research, and practice provide the framework that guides our mission. By sharing and creating knowledge we acknowledge the power of a well-informed community to influence thoughtful research, and engage in the development and application of practices designed to deliver a deeper understanding of the issues and problems we face today, point to new solutions that are sustainable, and lead to better outcomes for people, organizations and communities.