A hallmark of Plexus Institute for nearly 20 years has been the sharing of conversations focused on applied principles of complexity across the professional, scientific and academic fields. In 2020 this Plexus tradition continues with the ComPlexus Podcast Series. Our host and producer is Plexus Board member Bruce Waltuck, a seasoned complexity thinker, professor and practitioner, who will be sharing the next generation of conversations that explore complexity thinking today.

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The Role of Design in Urgent Social Needs (PlexusCall, Mar 13 2009)
A conversation with Lisa Kimball, PhD, President of Plexus Institute and Dr. Richard Farson, psychologist, educator, author, and president of the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute (WBSI), an independent nonprofit organization he co-founded in La Jolla, California, devoted to research and education for the advancement of society, the strengthening of democracy and the enrichment of life. Download MP3

ComPlexus Podcast

ComPlexus Podcast Episode 1

Dick Knowles (author of “The Leadership Dance” and creator of the Process Enneagram(tm))