E. O. Wilson & Complexity

Wilson Speaks on Complexity The first thing that must be said of Edward O. Wilson is that he is a gentleman. Not that he is one of the world’s greatest living scientists (which he is), nor that he has twice won the Pulitzer Prize (which he has); nor even that he founded the field of science that is sociobiology (which he did). What is most striking about the man is his humility, his humanity. This is significant, not [...]

Cities Can Weather Hotter Futures Through Adaptation and Resilience

Hotter Futures for Cities Escalates Plexus Institute's archives of Complexity Matters Posts offer valuable insights into the most pressing issues confronting our world and society. We will continue to link current knowledge, work and thinking in new posts, conversations, projects  emerging throughout the Network. During the first half of  2011,  Tornados devastated Joplin, Missouri, and Tuscaloosa Alabama. Deadly storms have smashed through Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas, severe droughts have parched the Southwest, record wildfires burned in Texas, [...]

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