Literacy, Complexity, and Community

Literacy, Complexity, and Community Jose L. Cruz and Mark Narkus Kramer will explore how community programs are a critical connector in the increasingly complex challenges of literacy for all. This conversation will be held on Zoom on Wednesday, July 15, 2020. This program is part of the Catalyzing Conversations & Webinars series offered at Plexus Institute. Jose Cruz is CEO of the San Diego Council on Literacy. The organization has a network of 30 affiliated literacy programs [...]

Living in Complexity: Stories Today and Yesterday

Ideas drive action, attitudes and behavior, and there’s nothing like stories to unfurl ideas and let them flourish. Aesop’s Fables , believed to have been written by a Greek slave sometime around the Sixth Century BCE, has been named one of the world’s most influential books by The New York Public Library and other scholarly sources that offer such opinions.  It’s a collection of stories meant to deliver cautionary tales and moral lessons. The enduring influence of these ancient [...]

Solve Tough Problems With Adaptive Positive Deviance

A New Book from Plexus  Unexpected Gifts: Solve Tough Problems with Adaptive Positive Deviance Is your community struggling with overwhelming obstacles? Do community members have clashing beliefs, fractious rivalries or cultural incompatibilities?  Is there dissension about deployment of scarce resources?  Does your organization face barriers that threaten its immediate survival and sustainable future in an uncertain world? Adaptive Positive Deviance offers a powerful way to engage the attention and energies of the very people who know the challenges and often [...]

What is Adaptive Positive Deviance?

Adaptive Positive Deviance is a powerful way to make big improvements through small (and maybe a few large) changes.  For over a decade,  Plexus Institute has helped guide organizations and communities to see, understand and address the "sticky" and complex issues hampering success. Plexus's work emphasizes practical methods and practices that are based on principles of complexity to disrupt the status quo and find solutions. Adaptive Positive Deviance (APD) The  Adaptive Positive Deviance framework is a powerful Catalyst to help [...]


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