From Marc Narkus-Kramer a Plexus Catalyst and Plexus Institute board member. 

My interest in Plexus began when I was working at the MITRE Corporation and experienced the power of complexity thinking and practice that Plexus introduced to a project.  I recently retired from MITRE and decided to explore how to build a process for organizational understanding and implementation of an integrated method of using complexity as a guiding principle for outcome management.

I recognize how projects and conversations that include both complexity practices and applications of outcome management tools have been successful in addressing problems in an identified “system” (for example, a hospital, a school, an air traffic control system, etc.);  what is not as widely discussed and documented is how to “scale up”  and adapt these  integrated models and practices to address mega-complex problems such as global warming, cyber security, our national  healthcare system, job loss from automation, political dysfunction, terrorism, etc.

As part of experimenting with a new organizational structure and patterns of working together, Plexus encourages network members to be Catalysts for new project ideas and to bring Plexus services and products into client systems. I am launching a collaborative book project that shares cases and stories to expand the body of knowledge of integrated outcome management and complexity theory applications.

Do you have examples or projects that could be used to demonstrate how complexity and traditional approaches successfully addressed “localized” problems? Are you interested in new ways to apply and adapt these approaches to larger scale problem with similar properties?  Are you ready to be engaged in creating new complexity based conversations and practices to address the global problems of our day?

If you are interested in finding out more about this project, you are invited to view the recording of the initial Pop-Up on YouTube or contact Marc directly at or 703-298-6635.