Plexus Institute was founded as a network for learning and engagement focused on practical implications and applications of complexity theory in real-life events. Through open conferences, research collaborations, projects and a diverse and active community, Plexus encouraged adopting a complexity lens for addressing organizational and institutional opportunities and challenges.Change is guaranteed and we are setting the conditions for the future with Plexus 2.0, a self-organizing network to connect, engage, practice and  support people shaping learning and projects rooted in complexity theory.

Join us for Zoom sessions on October 17th and 20th, 2017 at 1:00 pm ET, where we will provide a brief overview and open discussion for feedback and questions.

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What is Plexus 2.0?

Plexus remains committed to Addressing real-world challenges through the understanding, advancement and diffusion of ideas and practices rooted in the principles of complexity.  Our guiding principles have not changed  but the focus of activities and work is changing.  We will rely on the energy, effort and support of the network to identify, collaborate and initiate activities for addressing real-world challenges using complexity practices and theory.  A minimal network structure (staff, website and platforms) will provide sufficient operational support for self-organized projects, learning and training opportunities and collaborative partnerships to emerge.

How will this happen?

A committed group of Catalysts (volunteers) have contributed strategic insight, countless hours of work and a belief in the value of an open professional network and engagements for sharing, learning and practicing complexity.  After assessing the rich legacy of Plexus Institute, the first action was to set the conditions for an experiment in self-organizing around proposed network deliverables and short term possibilities.  The process was messy and demanding and wildly successful. What we share below is the outcomes of our work, a foundation for how Plexus 2.0 will continue to be a thought and action leader in using the principles of complexity to address and engage in difficult change.

Plexus 2.0 launches with a new website, a streamlined operation, an easy to access repository of content and applications on topics of complexity, and a new book on Adaptive Positive Deviance.

We have three commitments for network work:

  • An Open Network for knowledge sharing, learning  and  collaborating.
  • A Curated Repository of digital content and models addressing complexity theory and practice.
  • Connection to Network Projects, People  and Ideas that engage, practice  and support applications rooted in complexity.

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Download a detailed overview of the work ahead.

Download a PDF of the briefing Presentation.

Join us for Zoom sessions on October 17th and 20th, 2017 at 1:00pm ET, where we will provide a brief overview and open discussion for feedback and questions.

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