Plexus launches a high engagement, experiential online learning series called Drawn to Connect with the first four week workshop.

DRAWN to CONNECT, will be held online from June 3 – June  29, 2018.

    • Online course opens on June 3rd and continues through June 29, 2018 -the course platform that will provide resources, assignments and continuous opportunities for participation.
    • Live course sessions are held on Tuesdays, June 5, 12, 19, 26 from 12 – 1.30 pm.
    • Weekly live open engagement sessions will be scheduled based on participant feedback.

Cost: $350.00 (a special introductory rate)

Sign up Now (Registration is limited to 10 participants.)

Drawn to Connect develops an integrated technique and model that reveals how to form virtual, empathetic, and high performing teams.  Plexus Catalysts Denise Easton, Amanda Lyons, and Barb Siegel will guide learners through a new way to communicate by illuminating insights while developing awareness and skills to practice Complexity Thinking.

The Workshop focuses on:

  • Developing a foundational understanding of complexity thinking in everyday systems
  • Building awareness of the flow of ideas to action from the embodied brain to the shared social mind
  • Deepening practice of a visualization discipline for complexity thinking
  • Cultivating generative dialogue for group engagement and project initiatives

There will be four live sessions, asynchronous conversation and both self and community exploration (i.e. guided exercises and optional, informal, online meetups) between live sessions.  You will walk away with connections, usable exercises, visuals created by us for you, visuals you’ve created throughout your learning experience, access to live session recordings and an interactive, downloadable, visual notebook / journal.

While we include drawing throughout the workshop, no experience in visual scribing or drawing is required.  Many visual practitioners will be unfamiliar with this technique so they will also be beginners.  Each cohort limited to ten participants.  The workshop is experiential and collaborative;  attending all 4 live sessions is highly recommended.


Who Should Attend?

Open to individuals and groups who recognize the need to add a new dimension of Complexity Thinking into practice and daily work. This workshop offers a technique to access the full power of visual processing.

Meet the Facilitators

Plexus Catalysts Denise Easton, Barb Siegel and Amanda Lyons have created the workshop as an extension of their individual and collective practices for helping groups learn new language, models and tools for understanding and applying complexity science to human systems.  While their work, styles and outputs are different, their understanding of complexity science concepts and applying them differentiates their work.

DENISE EASTON “Complexity Thinking is both humbling and inspiring. Visualizing complexity changed the scope and dimension of my work.”

AMANDA LYONS “I’m ecstatic to share the transformational stories I’ve witnessed while watching people draw.”

BARB SIEGEL “This workshop incorporates what I know about how people learn and what I’ve seen people discover.”