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Lisa Kimball had magical qualities – she would gather and connect a diverse group of people, let each person soar above all expectations and gently guide the group as they co- created something remarkable. Lisa continually shared her gifts with a wide range of professional groups, clients and friends. Stories of Lisa’s talents, generosity and big heart are now being shared across many networks and between colleagues and friends. What we share is more than a remembrance,

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Lisa Kimball

Lisa Kimball’s indomitable spirit never quit, but illness finally overwhelmed her body on Friday morning, November 3rd, 2017. Lisa’s beloved husband John Cooney was with her every step of her long journey right to the end. As word spread of her death, it became clear how large and mighty Lisa’s “net” is — truly, her impact spans the globe. Please join with Plexus Institute as we grieve the passing of our friend and colleague and celebrate the enormous

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