PD MRSA Prevention Partnership

Positive Deviance (PD) was designed as a practice for social change that enables communities and organizations to discover and act on the wisdom and skills existing in the system. The underlying premise of PD is that every community has individuals or groups whose uncommon practices or strategies enable them to find better solutions to problems than neighbors and peers who have access to the same resources. PD is led by people in the community who help identify and spread  successful practices. Ideas, experiments and projects for change are more likely to be accepted and adopted when they are based on existing local wisdom versus external initiatives imposed on the system. 

“The Positive Deviance movement is changing the landscape of how we achieve transformation and change in systems.” Peter Block, Author, Community: The Structure of Belonging.


MRSA Project (pdf) – Curt Lindberg, Jon Lloyd, and Prucia Buscell, 2008

Positive Deviance and Hospital Acquired Infection (ppt) – Curt Lindberg, 2009

PD Informed Prevention: Hospital El Tunal, Bogota (pdf) – Curt Lindberg and Carlos Urrea, 2009

MRSA Issue of Emerging (pdf) – Prucia Buscell, 2006

More We Than Me: New Collaboration at Einstein Med (pdf) – Prucia Buscell, 2008

Learning to See and Stop MRSA at Billings Clinic (pdf) – Arvind Singhal and Prucia Buscell, 2009

Historical Blog:

The MRSA Reduction blog – An Indiana Transforming Healthcare Research Initiative blog

Plexus Institute’s PD MRSA Prevention Partnership involved collaboration among a network of hospitals, Positive Deviance Initiative, CDC, and Delmarva Foundation/Maryland Patient Safety Center. The Partnership was committed to pioneering the use of Positive Deviance in MRSA prevention. 

Eliminating MRSA Infections Plexus MRSA Bundle: The HOW of Staff Engagement and Culture Change (ppt) or smaller pdf with notes.

Inviting Everyone: Healing Healthcare through Positive Deviance by Arvind Singhal PhD, Prucia Buscell, Curt Lindberg DMan