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The “Weaving” of a Network

Plexus 2017  sets the conditions for  Pop-up Networks where new ideas can lead to longer term actions.  Join us to see how it happens. Monday May 7th begins with a long time Plexus Catalyst, June Holley. June has been weaving economic and community networks for more than 25 years. In 1981 she discovered complexity science and became intrigued with the process of transformation. How could communities change in ways that would make them good places for everyone?

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Why Does Complexity Matter?

When the solutions to complex problems transcend traditional questions and answers! Plexus Institute was founded with the purpose to address real-world challenges through the understanding, advancement and diffusion of ideas and practices rooted in the principles of complexity. The original mission chosen by the founders of Plexus Institute was inspired by the rapid pace of complex systems science and the slow pace of converting those discoveries into practical applications. By remaining dedicated to fostering profound and

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