What is Plexus?

What is Plexus?

Whether you are simply interested in better understanding how to think about and “use” principles of complexity in your work or you have a project that would benefit from new and different perspectives and approaches…Plexus Institute is your Network.

 We invite emerging ideas, interdisciplinary  collaborations and projects that  address how complex systems work and influence our human activities. Here is what we are doing  to increase our capacity to engage and develop understanding of living systems.

  • We are evaluating what is the same and different from when Plexus was founded to today for how we think about and practice complexity thinking.
  • We are researching what is emerging in the science and fields of complexity and aligning it with where we add value.
  • We are translating the language of complexity each and every day for new audiences.
  • We are providing a platform for Network conversations and encouraging the ideas that are self-organizing into projects.
  • We are teaching complexity thinking.
  • We are helping clients.

Plexus Catalysts understand how to work with their colleagues and clients to integrate complexity thinking for evaluation, analysis, decision making and change. Here are what current Network Catalysts shared about how they distinguish what complexity thinking offers.

We build awareness and understanding of how adaptive practices add new options for action.

Experimenting in inquiry versus facilitation

Continuous feedback and analysis from people’s responses to set immediate actions

A mindset that holds uncertainty comfortably

Use of deep engagement as the one consistent model for any question for any engagement for any project for any change in a complex adaptive system because deep engagements equal adaptive responses.

We help you catch complexity. Complexity thinking is caught not taught. Learning is just a part of the process but until it is caught, embraced, understood,and adapted for what the environment or ecosystem that you were working in mandates, then you really don’t understand what it is to be in a continually changing moving complex adaptive system.

Our work with clients helps everyone involved  catch the value and practice of complexity.

We use contradictions to demonstrate a different approach to fitting versus fixing problems.

We help people in the linear world understand that the stories pointing out complexity principles are not simply confusing and chaotic but are important insights into continuous disruptions