Network Catalysts and members are working together to develop and launch projects that change the status quo. 

Project Circles are organized around a wide range of network initiatives and activities that explore and apply complexity thinking to addressing challenges and opportunities in complex systems.  

Projects in Development

The Commons -Catalyst Mike Taylor is leading  a Project Circle called “The Commons” where 21st-century health and environmental challenges can be collectively evaluated and addressed. through a technology driven platform that invites an interdisciplinary and experimental practice free of constraints inherent in traditional disciplines and professions.  Learn More

Complexity Management with Adaptive  Vision – Plexus Catalyst Marc Narkus-Kramer is leading a collaborative book project that captures case examples and stories to expand the body of knowledge of adaptive vision through complexity thinking and theory practices.”  Learn More

The Awarefulness Project – Catalysts Amanda Lyons, Barb Siegel and Denise Easton have developed a learning and practice program that integrates Complexity Thinking, Visual Engagement and Adaptive Practice. Learn More

Projects in Practice

These projects have been successfully launched and continue to evolve through practice by Network members and Partners.

Adaptive Positive Deviance is an approach to social change that enables communities and organizations to discover the wisdom they already have, and then to act on it.  Learn More

Adaptive Leadership in Organizations integrated the Starfish model in a highly interactive and experiential programs for leaders incorporating new adaptive strategies for change and growth. Learn More

Liberating Structures are easy-to-learn, adaptable methods for engagement. These powerful “mini-processes” quickly engage groups of people of any size to radically change how they interact, address issues, solve problems, develop opportunities. and work together. Learn More

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