Models, Practices, Tools & Applications for Work in Complex Environments

Plexus Institute has a track record of successfully designing, developing, piloting and launching new models, practices, applications and tools that apply principles of complexity to everyday work environments. The understanding, influence and practice of Complexity Thinking as a critical professional competency continues to evolve globally through Network members and Partners.

Adaptive Positive Deviance

Adaptive Positive Deviance is a model for social change that enables communities and organizations to explore, discover and then integrate the “unlikely solutions and wisdom” that are already producing positive outcomes.


Awarefulness for Organizations is a new practice for  accelerating the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences for improved performance and efficiency in complex projects and environments.

Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures are easy-to-learn, adaptable methods for engagement. These powerful “mini-processes” quickly engage groups of people of any size to radically change how they interact, address issues, solve problems, develop opportunities. and work together.