What is a Plexus Fractal?

Plexus Fractals are self-organizing groups of people who want to get together face-to-face periodically to learn about complexity and its applications, share experience and problems, and network with others with similar interests.

How many people does it take to start a Plexus Fractal and who can organize one?

There is no standard size for a Plexus Fractal. Two people who want to meet regularly could be the start of a Fractal! Most Fractals start small and grow via a viral process of word-of-mouth and when current participants bring their friends and colleagues with them to a Fractal meeting.

What does it cost and do participants need to pay to belong to a Fractal?

Plexus Fractals are self-funding as well as self-organizing so each Fractal handles things differently depending on their needs. Plexus Fractals don’t currently pay any fees to The Plexus Institute and participants in Fractals don’t pay a membership fee. Some Fractals charge participants a small fee at the door at meetings to cover costs of space or refreshments. Some Fractals have sponsored workshops for which participants paid tuition to cover costs.

Who can join a Plexus Fractal?

Participation in Plexus Fractals is open to anyone. Of course, we encourage people who get value from their participation in a Fractal to become Plexus Associates but Fractals are a great way for people new to Plexus to begin to explore complexity and The Plexus Institute so we like Fractals to be widely accessible.

What is the relationship between Plexus Fractals and The Plexus Institute?

The Plexus Institute is a networked organization and Plexus Fractals are an important part of the network. Each Fractal is free to develop its own program and style of operating. The only thing required is that the Fractal aligns with the mission and values of The Plexus Institute and identifies a point of contact that will provide information regularly about Fractal activities so it can be shared across the whole network.

 What are some strategies to launch a new Plexus Fractal?

The best way to begin is to invite one or more people you think might be interested in collaborating with you to start a Fractal in your area to have a conversation about possibilities. Next, plan an exploratory event to which each member of the core group invites people in their network that they think have or might have an interest in complexity and its applications. Invitations can also be made to members of other local groups with overlapping interests.

At the end of the event, introduce the possibility of a local Plexus Fractal and see what kind of a response you get. Assuming there is interest, you can get input about what, where, and when Fractal meetings might work best and recruit some additions to your core team to help plan and manage future activities.

Where and how often do Fractals meet?

Each Fractal can determine the timing and location of meetings that work best for them. In the initial stages Fractal meetings are usually scheduled on an ad hoc basis. Some Fractals that have been meeting for longer have established a regular quarterly or even monthly meeting schedule and location.

What types of programs do Fractals present?

There is no limit to the types of programs a Fractal can offer. Programs Fractals have offered in the past include: Meetings with invited guest speakers (such as researchers, authors, or practitioners), book discussions, experiential workshops, field trips to local organizations, topic-based discussions, open space conversations, and other networking opportunities.