Change Management in Complex Systems

Plexus Network Catalysts & Authors offer important insight and applications for complex change strategies.

Plexus collaborates with Network members, partners and practitioners to develop and offer highly interactive and experiential programs for leaders and managers focused on:
  • Developing and leading dynamic networked organizations
  • Integrating  and applying complexity practices for engagement across organizational boundaries
  • Design thinking for organizational innovation
  • Trust based collaboration
The US Army implemented our Starfish Leadership program as part of an intensive experiential training for officers with a goal of “developing individuals with the ability to exploit opportunity, continuously learn, and deal with uncertainty by empowering those with the most knowledge at the edge to act in ambiguous and complex environments. They will develop, empower, and integrate networks of peer to peer relationships by building circles and creating a learning environment across the organization.” The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations –
The Complexity Space™ Framework (CSF) provides the vehicle for understanding and influencing the complex dynamics of an organization. The CSF provides the language, distinctions and tools for evaluating, testing and implementing new possibilities for action. The Complexity Space™ Framework  is represented by the organizational Ecosystem(s) and seven  interdependent elements represented in all Ecosystem(s).  Building “pattern-centric”  awareness and conversation around the critical differences between the “Red Lens” (linear) and Blue Lens” (complexity) views of how an organization operates can lead to more realistic and effective change initiatives.  Complexity Works! Influencing Pattern-Based Change in Teams & Organizations
Creating and supporting an Adaptive Space in any organizations is essential in today’s most competitive business systems. The best way for any company to unleash creative potential from within, is to transform themselves into responsive, agile organizations suited for the age of disruption by enabling individual employees to connect and create across networks. Adaptive Space: How GM and Other Companies are Positively Disrupting Themselves and Transforming into Agile Organizations

We are building new ways to understand, influence and work with the complex nature of complexity in organizations. We will be updating this page continually as our curators link relevant resources and our members offer new programs.

We invite you to help shape the future of how Applied Complexity is changing systems everywhere! If you are interested in participating in this project by offering programs, workshop or resources aligned to the practice area, please contact us.

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