The Awarefulness Project is a high engagement, experiential practice for working in and with complex human systems. By understanding and embracing complexity thinking, you can develop and influence the conditions for systemic change – change that occurs through applying new skills and actions in your everyday systems.

Plexus Catalysts Denise Easton, Amanda Lyons, and Barb Siegel originally designed the program as an integrated technique and practice that guides individuals and groups to experience and create innovative, empathetic and high performing team engagements. The Awarefulness Project has evolved into an immersive, experiential and collaborative professional development program.

The program offers a wide range of learning opportunities including public online and in person workshop, a tailored program for teams within organizations and as part of an organizational transformation or change initiative.  Most importantly, you will bring and build connections and insights that shape both the process and experience of developing Awarefulness.


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