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Dec 10 2010 PlexusCalls: Narrative Medicine: Stories are Good for Your Health
Bob Lindberg, MD, and Pat Rush, MD, MBA, discuss the role of stories and narrative in patient well-being and the practice of medicine.

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Nov 19 2010 PlexusCalls: Does Corporate Culture Exist?
Guests: Naomi Stanford and Sharon Benjamin discuss Stanford’s newest book, Organisational Culture, Getting it Right. Stanford and Benjamin are consultants who have facilitated change in large and small organizations in the public and private sectors.

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Nov 12 2010 PlexusCalls: Leading in a Wiki World
Guests: Rod Collins and Lisa Kimball. Collins’s new book and the challenges of managing change will be discussed.

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Oct 29 2010 PlexusCalls: Managing the Data Deluge
Guests: Madelyn Blair and Lisa Kimball, both organizational consultants and experienced executives, discuss Riding the Current, Blair’s new book about how to keep abreast of continually emerging new information in your own and other fields.

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Oct 8 2010 PlexusCalls: Sic Transit Scientia – Knowledge is Temporary
Guests: Physicist Bruce West and Thomas Clancy, a professor of clinical nursing with expertise in information technology and computational modeling, discuss information, data and knowledge.

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Oct 1 2010 PlexusCalls: Complexity, Leadership and the Ecologies of Innovation
Guests Jeffrey Goldstein, James Hazy, and Benyamin Lichtenstein talk about their new book, Complexity and the Nexus of Leadership

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Aug 20 2010 PlexusCalls: Catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico
What are the long term implications? Environmental scientists Wilma Subra and Richard Charter discuss the impact with Sharon Benjamin, a consultant who has worked with environmental organizations.

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Jun 18 2010 PlexusCalls: Thinking About Thinking
How do we learn to think and what are the consequences of our thinking patterns? Scholars Elizabeth Minnich and Alan Barstow explore these questions with consultant Sharon Benjamin.

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Jun 4 2010 PlexusCalls: Iron Butterflies: Women, Vulnerability and Power
Birute Regine discusses her new book, Iron Butterflies: Women Transforming Themselves and the World, with Lisa Kimball and Linda Rusch (about 15 minutes of the call was not captured)

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May 21 2010 PlexusCalls: Thinking About Social Science
How do we think about psychological and social issues, and what’s the best way to examine and describe them?

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Apr 23 2010 PlexusCalls: Appreciation, Influence, Control
William E. Smith, PhD, is the author of The Creative Power, Transforming Ourselves, Our Organizations and Our Word,a book that offers a new philosophical lens to help leaders envision a more holistic approach to improving organizations.

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Apr 9 2010 Plexus Calls: Learning from Catastrophes
How can we prepare for risks that range from extreme weather to financial crises to pandemics and terrorism?

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Apr 2 2010 PlexusCalls: A Culture of Conversion in the Heart of Nursing
In a turbulent era of relentless change and stress in healthcare, nurses need ways to sustain environments of best practice and radical self-care.

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Feb 26 2010 PlexusCalls: Your Brain and Neuroleadership
David Rock, co-founder of the Neuroleadership Institute, and James Begun, a healthcare and complexity scholar, discuss new insights on leadership.

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Feb 19 2010 PlexusCalls: Emergent Technology-enabled Behavior Change Interventions for Complex Clinical Settings
Neal Kaufman, M.D., M.P.H., and Adam Kaufman, Ph.D. will discuss how their company (DPS Health ) designs, develops, implements and evaluates internet and cell phone-based behavior change interventions.

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Jan 29 2010 PlexusCalls: Surprising Power of Social Networks
Social networks can be wonderfully liberating and creative. They can also be dark, dangerous and mysterious. James Fowler is an internationally known social scientist with a deep understanding of human social networks.

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Jan 15 2010 PlexusCalls: Extraordinary Groups and Ordinary People
Extraordinary Groups and Ordinary People Guests: Geoffrey Bellman and Lisa Kimball A technical glitch with this call prevents us from posting audio.


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