Living and Working in Complexity

Plexus Institute has consistently maintained a Focus on Complexity by engaging in the exploration of human, organizational and social systems and linking “real life” experiences to the understanding, advancement and diffusion of ideas and practices rooted in the principles of complexity.  Connect with researchers, practitioners, educators, and innovators, across a variety of professional disciplines and organizations who all share a deep expertise in how complexity “shows up” and influences human systems.

Today’s organizational landscape is marked by radically shifting dynamics, an increasing degree of uncertainty, and at best an obscure view of the future. The only certainty is that we are all living and working in complexity.

As a professional network, Plexus is dedicated to progressing the inquiry, understanding and application of adaptive responses to complexity.  The diversity of conversations and activities in the Network are a distinguishing feature of how we add value to helping individuals, organizations and clients apply principles of complexity thinking to reach their unique goals