Organization Awarefulness™

A New Practice for Working in and with Complex Human Systems

Organization Awarefulness™ (OA) focuses on understanding existing conditions and building capacity to accelerate the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences for improved performance and efficiency. Addressing communication strategies is where OA has the greatest initial impact.  Communication is the single most powerful influencer throughout an organization, yet a reliance on language-based communications over emphasis the tip of the iceberg. OA guides organizations to dive deeper and use the uncertainty of abstract and challenging conditions often present in complex projects, team engagements and communications to accelerate decision-making and change.

Organization Awarefulness™ was developed by Plexus Institute consultants and catalysts Denise Easton and Barb Siegel and incubated at Plexus as a joint action research and practice model.  In 2018,  an early concept was tested as an online workshop with fellow Catalyst Amanda Lyons. The key findings from this experiment reaffirmed the value of  an integrative practice that builds collaborative capacity to make meaning, see connections and take action, by accessing critical but ignored cognitive responses to information and experiences that emerge over time and space.

Elements of Organization Awarefulness™

Visual Engagement
Deep Listening
Somatic Attention
Adaptive Habit
Complexity Thinking

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