Applying and practicing complexity thinking in complex human and organizational systems has led to the development of models, applications and tools that integrate essential perspectives and approaches into existing projects, work and systems.

Liberating Structure is an easy-to-learn tool set or “mini-processes” that focus on group engagements. Applicable in any size group or organization, LS can change how they interact, address issues, solve problems, develop opportunities. and work together. Learn More
Adaptive Positive Deviance is a facilitated model for engagement and change that focuses on enabling communities and organizations to discover and use their collective wisdom through inquiry, small experiments and adaptive practices. Learn More

Plexus Institute is a network of professionals who bring  a unique combination of  expertise in academic and traditional fields with experience in the application and practice of complexity informed theory, research, practices and models. Plexus Institute professionals collaborate with clients, partners and global organizations in a variety of ways including:

  • Incubation of complexity based projects and research initiatives
  • Design and facilitation of  complexity practice based programs/workshops in organizations
  • Design and implementation of action research projects
  • Change management practices for organizations and institutions
  • Consortium based joint research and project management