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Do you believe that you will be an employee from graduation until retirement? Do you know what it means to be employed? The changes in the conditions and patterns of employment are shifting so rapidly that it is virtually impossible to plan for your entire work-life.

The speed of automation and robotization indicates that many jobs (blue-collar and white-collar) will disappear. In fact, that is happening now with many jobs reaching their expiration date! Many experts contend that the lifespan of companies is also shifting, leaving employees and clients the need to learn how to continually adapt.

It is time to wake up to this emerging reality and start preparing for a working life that will be a mix between temporary jobs, being an entrepreneur, participating in both the sharing and the gig economy, volunteering, and having no work and using that time to study. Arnold Beekes, will lead an important discussion on his current work, From Fitting in to Flying Out,  how to develop a  new mindset to resurface critical and often suppressed capabilities like creativity, critical thinking, complex problem solving and collaboration.

Arnold Beekes [Human-Centered Innovation] is a founder/CEO of startups, certified trainer/coach, speaker, author, futurist, and previous leader in Corporate ICT.

Tuesday, Febraury 13, 2018
11:00am – 12:00pm EST
Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/168584337

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