Adaptive Positive Deviance is a facilitated model for engagement and change that focuses on enabling communities and organizations to discover and use their collective wisdom through inquiry, small experiments and adaptive practices.Learn More

Adaptive Leadership in Organizations integrates the Starfish model in a highly interactive and experiential program designed for learning adaptive strategies for change and growth. Learn More

Complex Change Management is an interdisciplinary approach to designing and implementing change initiatives that recognize and work with rapidly shifting complexity in the system.

A high engagement, experiential practice for working in and with complex human systems. By understanding and embracing complexity thinking, individuals, teams and organizations can develop and influence the conditions for systemic change – change that occurs through applying new skills and actions in everyday systems.

Liberating Structures are easy-to-learn, adaptable methods for engagement. These powerful “mini-processes” quickly engage groups of people of any size to radically change how they interact, address issues, solve problems, develop opportunities. and work together. Learn More

Plexus Institute’s Consultants Network is an affiliated group of invited consultants who provide a wide range of strategic, developmental and change management services for organizations, institutions, businesses and communities.

Each person brings a unique combination of  expertise in traditional fields with experience in the application and practice of complexity informed theory, research and models.