Plexus Catalysts are the self-organizing leaders who are initiating, influencing and coordinating projects and operations throughout the network. Coming from a wide variety of disciplines and organizations, they all share a deep interest in how complexity “show up” in all our human systems. Catalysts include researchers, practitioners, educators, and innovators whose work influences and inspires us.

Plexus Institute is transforming How Professional Networks work for the benefit of everyone who joins.  Our Catalysts are leading the way for open collaboration, business opportunities, research and new thinking — with one common denominator — we emphasis complexity thinking and doing.   Meet our Catalysts!

Become a Plexus Catalyst and join a network of colleagues committed to give and get value through collaborating and sharing ideas, experiences, and projects influenced by complexity. Catalysts have the opportunity to influence the activities of Plexus by shaping agendas, creating networks, sponsoring workshops, and initiating projects. Contact us for more information