Organization Awarefulness

Organization Awarefulness is a communication practice for teams working in complex projects and environments.  In many organizational settings team engagements begin with language and verbalization, but human communication occurs with and without verbal engagements and calls upon deeper cognitive responses to information that develop or emerge over time and space.

Organization Awarefulness emphasizes the importance of focusing on a team’s ability to develop and use diverse communication practices to accelerate the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences for improved collaboration, performance and efficiency and begins with five communications practices.

  • Visual Engagement
  • Deep Listening
  • Somatic Awareness  
  • Adaptive Practice
  • Complexity Thinking

Professional development opportunities including public online and in person workshop, customized program for teams within organizations or large scale organizational transformation and change initiatives.

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Success begins with Organization Awarefulness!

Build skills, connections and insights that shape both the process and experience of developing a new approach to engagements and communications.
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