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 Plexus 2.0 is  moving into a Self-Organizing Network Practice and the work begins right here!

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Project Clusters:

Adaptive Positive Deviance

Liberating Structures

Working in Networks

Leadership & Change


Our theory of action emphasizes finding new solutions to engage everyone in new conversations – at all levels, in all roles, and in some cases from both inside and outside the organization. Clients have contracted with Plexus Institute to address issues plaguing their organizations and communities.

Plexus provides practical methods based on principles of complexity for leaders and change agents to disrupt the status quo and find generative solutions. Through consulting and capacity-building programs  in adaptive leadership, positive deviance, organizational change, and complexity prompted problem-solving, new action-based ideas and behaviors begin to emerge from within the organization.

Adaptive Change: Plexus Institute works with organizations and teams to design, facilitate, and assess projects focused on cultural and behavioral change. We help build internal capacity to use innovative methodologies such as Positive Deviance and Design Research to engage everyone in finding new solutions to intractable problems.

Research: Plexus Institute designs, leads and participates in research projects to explore new approaches to quality improvement, organizational change, and system development. We have experience incorporating a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods and using creative strategies to capture and document the stories that provide rich details to develop understanding.

Education and Training: Plexus Institute creates and implements learning programs and curriculum for leaders, community members, and others with an interest in how ideas about complex change and innovation apply to their work and challenges. We draw on our network of scientists and practitioners to identify the latest insights about key concepts from the framework of complexity science such as diffusion of innovation, taking ideas to scale, and self-organization. We pride ourselves on making powerful theory accessible and useful for immediate application.

Changing the Conversation: Our core theory of action to create the conditions for change by engaging everyone in new conversations – at all levels, in all roles, and in some cases from both inside and outside the organization. Plexus Institute creates high engagement, multi-stakeholder events for organizations and communities using liberating structures – easy-to-learn, adaptable methods for engagement that make it quick and simple for groups of people of any size to radically change how they interact and work together.

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